The Story

Back when model airplanes were just becoming a thing, our CEO Alexej Komárek knew this was an opportunity. He immediately knew he could take advantage of this. He became taking simple wooden model airplanes and attaching engines to them. At first he failed, he failed at this many times. It wasn't until his 14th attempt that he finally got it working. It wasn't much but it flew, and that's all that matters. He began selling this planes at farmers markets as toys for kids. He was making a killing doing this. So he came up with the idea to create something more. So he began making his own models, and attaching his own engines to them. He began using steel, and better parts. He found friends interesting in the same field as he, and they all became a huge part of the company. They began making machines that could make this machines. This was the start of something big.

Everyone in existence wanted one of Alexej's models. They made their company official and began opening stores. In the first year of sales, they sold over 100,000 thousand models. The company at this point was rolling in money. Instead of spending it all, they decided to use it for the better good. They have donated over 5 million dollars to charities around the world. As well as using the money to further benefit the company, allowing more models to be built. If it wasn't for the one model Alexej got as a kid, this company may have never existed.